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Cobo Miner Ltd

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CoboMiner is a centralized crypto asset management mining agency. It will build a smart contract-based decentralized fund protocol

It integrates the business processes of fund issuance, subscription, investment, and redemption, and is transparent based on the fund agreement.


How does mining work in Cobo Miner Ltd?

CoboMiner has professional equipment and specialized cloud service providers. We have huge storage space, powerful Internet and computing power. We no longer need to buy leased mining machines.

We just need to register an account on our platform to obtain official cloud miners. Use mobile devices to help us collect currency, and the platform pays you.

Why choose cobominer?

The trustless method of fund issuance and fund operation is committed to allowing global users to freely choose professional mining investment strategies.

Provide global users with a new AI self-powered cloud miner, easily and quickly complete encrypted asset allocation and real-time income.

What does cloud miner mean?

Similar to cryptocurrency mining machines, computer equipment that can be used for computing participates in cryptocurrency mining) and online miners have to do is to use the equipment to register as a miner, and use the equipment to collect coins and earn money from it. To put it simply, you sign up for our platform and use your mobile device to help us collect currency, and the platform pays you.

CoboMiner Cloud Miner Protocol

CoboMiner’s current business, cloud miner hosting, detailed interpretation of the lease agreement to protect the interests of users, as well as the payment method of cloud miners, as well as the risk warning during the collection process, is to better serve every cloud miner.


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